The shyest social person you'll meet

If you asked 18-year-old - or even 30-year-old - Ian if his profile would lead with an S for social he would have said ‘heck no! I’m the shyest guy I know.’

I’ve never thought of myself as social, but at the end of the day I ended up blazing my path as a professional first in journalism, then social media and then marketing, specifically in the realm of leading integrated campaigns with a sales or lead generation focus. And I guess all of those careers need to understand what it means to be social and interact with people if you’re going to be a success.

I guess this realization is part of the reason I really love the product we’ve developed in C’reer. It tells people something they may not know about themselves and helps them find their way. 

It’s a service I’m really proud to be providing, even if I’m too shy to say it.