What technology can't you live without?

This past weekend we announced a new scholarship, which is available to any high school senior living in the state of Georgia. The C’reer Scholarship - administered by UrbanSTEM - can be used for the purchase of educational technology.

This got us thinking: What technology couldn't we live without? 

So we asked our founders their thoughts.

Jose Mallabo
Co-Founder & CEO
Tech He Couldn't Live Without: Evernote and Sketch

"If I had to have just one content and collaboration app, it’d be Evernote. It’s seamless across devices and with the new collaboration functions I can work with anyone. Sketch is the easiest way to communicate a product idea – for a UX designer it’s the Phillips head screwdriver."

Ian Leslie
Co-Founder & CMO
Tech He Couldn't Live Without: Slack and his Garmin Fenix 3

"Tech I couldn't live without? Slack is definitely first and foremost. It's become such an important of my everyday work life. I honestly wonder how I worked before Slack. I thought I was efficient in the past, but Slack has taken that to a new level. Then there's  my Garmin Fenix 3. Not only am I a marketer obsessed with numbers, but I'm also a runner/workout freak.  So what better tool to satisfy my need for data than a Garmin."