C’reer is not the Yelp for careers and colleges

As our CTO Wally Holt very eloquently put it in our first live demo of C’reer, we’re not trying to be the Yelp for careers and colleges.  We’re trying to add more value than simply giving you results based on what is immediately nearby but rather we’re sourcing the best performing programs that just happens to be regional.

By the time you get to the college recommendations screen on C’reer we’ve identified your vocational interests profile and matched you with a few career options.  But you may be asking: How do you come up with college recommendations like below?

First and foremost, we’re recommending schools that have proven success in graduating professionals into the career fields that the app has matched you with. The exact algorithm is our little secret, but it’s based on assessing several data points that demonstrates that that school’s alumni have been successful in the workplace.

Location does matter. C’reer is preset to give you the best performing colleges within a 300-mile radius of where you are. We’ve seen through experience and lots of research that most people attend college on a regional basis. As of now, we’re not recognizing state lines as a parameter so if you live in New Jersey and see recommendations for schools in Pennsylvania it’s because those are the best programs within that 300-mile radius.

If you want to re-set your current location to get a new grouping of colleges check out our previous blog post which explains how to do that.