FAQ About C'reer

We're often asked a lot of similar questions regarding C'reer, so we figured why not answer them all in one place? So here's our requisite FAQ:

What is C’reer?
A free mobile app that matches you with career paths and the best college. We just released an update with version 1.1.

Where can I get C’reer?
It’s available in the App Store and Google Play.
Here are the links:

Is there a web version of C’reer?
No. But you can find out more about the app on www.creer.us, but it’s mobile only right now.

How much does C’reer cost?
Nothing. It’s free.

How much space does C’reer take on my phone?
About 24 MB.

Who can use C’reer?
Anyone. C’reer was designed to help anyone of any age discover what careers match their interests. And if you want to find further education to help, C’reer can connect you with schools at all levels of higher education including vocational technology, community colleges and universities offering everything from certificate programs plus 2-year and 4-year degrees.

How do you figure out what careers to recommend to me?
The app matches your vocational interest profile with the careers that best match your interest profile.

How are college and university recommendations made?
We look at your career recommendations and match each of those with the best programs based on their ability to graduate professionals into those career fields.  Plus some other stuff we’ve determined to show strength of a college. The app is preset to deliver these schools within a 300-mile radius of where you are.  For more information on about this and how to adjust your settings check out this post: http://www.creer.us/blog/2017/1/31/why-does-creer-ask-for-your-location

Why aren’t colleges available for chatting?
We just launched in January and are still signing up colleges.  In the meantime, if you click on the button to chat with a specific school we will let them know you’re interested and they can reach out to you.

Can anyone use C’reer or do you have to be a high school student?
Yes.  The science driving our vocational assessment and the way we match people with careers and educational options applies to anyone.

Can I use C’reer to apply to a college?
No. We designed the app to help you research your best career options and educational choices with the hope of connecting you with the right people in those schools.  

Can I retake the vocational assessment?
Yes.  We allow you to retake the vocational assessment up to 4 times every 12 months.