The Most Common C'reer Personalities So Far

With nearly 1,500 people having downloaded and taken the C'reer personality assessment we thought it would be a good time to take an early look at the trends and where users are landing in terms of their results.

To date: 

  • 26% of users have scored Social as their primary personality type;
  • 25% of users have scored Investigative as their primary personality type;
  • 22% of users have scored Artistic as their primary personality type;
  • 12% of users have scored Realistic as their primary personality type;
  • 8% of users have scored Enterprising as their primary personality type; and
  • 7% of users have scored Conventional as their primary personality type.

With an increase in unstructured learning throughout the country and the popularity of Montessori and similar methods it's not completely surprising that the fewest number of users landed on a 'Conventional' personality.

As C'reer was launched largely in the southeast, particularly South Carolina, we feel this data begins to unfurl important information on the personalities of the high school students within the coastal region of South Carolina and Georgia.

The team looks forward to being able to work with school districts and economic development groups to see how we can use this data to better understand the personalities of their communities and what sectors those communities should be looking to recruit based on the emerging workforce.