C'reer Changes With Its Users

Much like like a teenager, a good mobile app goes through phases and changes.

But when your app targets teens as its user base, it's even that much imperative that you iterate and pivot (that's geek speak for making changes.)

We certainly were thrilled with the initial user downloads we saw after releasing C'reer in February.

In fact in its first few months C’reer has seen:

  • More than 2,200 downloads from users in 20 states;
  • More than half of C’reer users have returned social, investigative or artistic as their primary personality types (the survey portion of the app was designed to be shorter, updated, adaptive and more visual while still aligning to Holland’s RIASEC (Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional) interest codes.); and
  • Students have requested to chat with a wide range of schools nationwide, including MIT, Georgia Tech, University of California, Berkeley, Fresno Pacific University, Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College, Arcadia University, Boston College, Texas Christian University, Johnston Community College, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Yale, to name a few.

But we haven't rested on our laurels and have worked hard to improve the product for users who are all about fast apps, good design and immediate gratification.

Less than five months after out initial launch we've released our first major update, which includes some aesthetic improvements, an ability to better customize your C'reer experience, and a more streamlined chat experience with college and university representatives.

The new version also take up quite a bit less space on your phone, leaving more room for selfies and all that.

That's not all!

We're also excited about an Indiegogo campaign we've got going that would add functionality that brings training programs, apprenticeships, career matches and higher education placement opportunities to students in the country who need our support most:  the 500,000 children in foster care.

So that's what's going on at C'reer.

If you haven't downloaded the app, yet, we invite you to do so on the App Store or Google Play.

And we really hope you'll check out our Indiegogo campaign!