How to chat with a college on C'reer

You've completed the vocational assessment within C'reer and tapped through to a list of careers that you might be interested in pursuing. Now what? How do you get from there to chatting with an admissions personal at a school?

Here's a 1 minute visual tutorial. From the screen of recommended careers tap on one you want to know more about.  In my case, it's Biofuel/Biodiesel Technology and Product Development Manager with one of the matched schools being Duke University.

Check out the blue arrows on the screen by screen flow below. And, good chatting to you!

Is your city aligned against your career and education interests?

We just completed a 3-week pilot with Sacramento high school students and community colleges in late November. We saw very strong evidence that these students are most interested in Realistic career paths (working with tools, machines, animals) over the general population of C’reer users (we have users in 49 states). The implications for employers and educators in the region are potentially huge if they’re not ready for this next workforce to enter the market. These workers and students would simply move somewhere else for work and education that suits them.

Sacramento Pilot graph.png

Other key findings:

  • Technology access and reliability within high schools can be an obstacle
  • Teachers and counselors are already over-burdened and can’t fully address student needs regarding career guidance and college planning
  • While this group skews 2x more Realistic than our general population of users, it is just as interested in careers with a Social impact (teaching, nursing, counseling) as the rest of the country

We’re working to launch more pilot programs around the country with high schools and college systems that serve them. Email us at if you're interested.

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