The Science Behind C’reer

When we first scoped what is now C’reer we knew we had to have very strong scientific methodology in our core logic to be able to make sound career and education recommendations. We spent more than six months working with some of the top researchers in the country to build what is now the C’reer vocational assessment.

The Vireo Labs founders and board of advisers worked closely with Alpha Omega Associates (AOA) to create and validate the Vocational Interest Measure (VIM) for inclusion in the C’reer mobile application, as a vocational measure designed for mobile platform use. It was designed for the expectations of mobile device users in format, design and function. The VIM was designed to be shorter, updated, adaptive and more visual while still aligning to Holland’s RIASEC (Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional) interest codes.  Additionally, the VIM was designed to map on to existing resources categorizing careers including O*NET (which includes RIASEC codes for careers) and U.S. Federal Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) codes.

Main Points

The initial VIM was created through a collaborative process involving multiple experts and built on sound previous vocational measures. Examining the data from multiple pilot and validation tests, there is strong evidence of the psychometric properties of the new VIM to be incorporated into the C’reer mobile app.  The six RIASEC codes show very strong internal consistency in all of the studies.  The VIM results are highly related to the results of the open-source RIASEC measure and a commercially available vocational assessment.  Additionally, qualitative data suggest the VIM has high face validity (test-takers are agreeing with the results) and was seen as more interesting and engaging than previous measures.

For more detail on the science behind C’reer, please email us to request the executive summary.